Compilation of works from Rich Rodriguez

Rich Rodriguez is the founder of the New Philosophé Society and Historian who specializes in early Hebraic and Esoteric Societies.


BA in History from New York University (The Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies).

MBA in International Business from Touro University International


Professional Cellist and Business owner.


Dedicates a lot of time to organizing charitable work and chronicles the work of Secular charitable organizations through his website:


He is currently working on two Atheist themed books which should be available sometime in 2008.


Member of the Grand Orient of France whose members have included Voltaire, Ben Franklin and Marquis De Lafayette. * French lodges accept Atheist*

Member of the Rational Response Squad and Co-host on the squad's latest show "Rook's Nook".

Takes joy in the art of debate and has a website dedicated to pwning Christians.