Kill 77 people, get 21 years

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Cpt_pineapple wrote:Only in

Cpt_pineapple wrote:
Only in America

Oh you trollin'.

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Cpt_pineapple wrote:


Only in America



I wasn't aware that Norway is a state. 

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It cannot be. University

It cannot be. Smiling

University students in Hungary get 30-60 years just after they finish, if it comes to light that they cheated at the university or in the business, or simply if they were good in chemistry or physics and they were able to do things alone.


I think Breivik is just an artist for the media.





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you know what, fuck it, i

you know what, fuck it, i admire the norwegians.  they choose to have a state founded on humanitarianism and humanism and its cases like this that truly test that.  they stood the test.  and you know what?  from what i've read, it seems all the victims and victims' families who were interviewed are satisfied with what he got.  besides, there's always the proviso that a person can be incarcerated indefinitely if they're deemed a danger to society.

scandinavia has always been one of my last fingernail shreds of hope for humanity.

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 it appears that years of

 it appears that years of consuming imaginary alcoholic drink has completely atrophied poor pineapple's brain.



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Well, from the

Well, from the article:


Delivering the verdict, Judge Wenche Elisabeth Arntzen said that the court considered Breivik to be suffering from "narcissistic personality characteristics" but not psychosis.


I am currently reading, Zero Degrees of Empathy: A new theory of human cruelty by Simon Baron-Cohen.  Dr. Baron-Cohen is associated with the University of Cambridge.  His theory is that there are 10 areas of the brain that correlate with feelings of empathy.  Borderline and psychopathic personalities have been extensively studied.  They show deficits in one or more of those areas in fMRI scans.  Dr. Baron-Cohen regrets that the experiments have not been run on the the narcissistic personalities, but he suspects those personalities also have deficits in the empathy system.

If narcissists have deficits, then like the borderline and psychopathic personalities, their brain is physically damaged.  It is unlikely this guy will ever be considered anything but a menace to other people.  People with damage in these areas of the brain are very resistant to current methods of treatment, pharmacological or otherwise.


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In Hungary it is enough to

In Hungary it is enough to hit someone 3 times, you get prisonment without end with the new law.

So life inprisonment or life IN prisonment it depends on the prison.

It is not curiosity: if someone does a mass road accident, can get 6-8 years, if hits only one car or a pedestrian get 2 years. If he/she had a case, that was paused or sent to sleep at the court because they had no time, it will be started again,  because he/she did something recently. So if he/she were pursued for endangering on the road, his/her 8 year will be added with 5, because he/she did an accident.

It starts with 12 years. If he was shooting with the machinegun too early at the military and he got mercy, it

can occur that it will be added to his/her 12 years, so it is added to 17 years with the military.  If it comes to light that he/she owned something illegal or without permit in his/her house, for example a gun, you get 5 additional years, so it will be 22 years. If can occur that they will pull out your old case where you punctured the police car when you were 9 years old, and they will make things more strict.

If he/she behaves well in the prison, he/she will be get free earlier. But Hungary people can get prison in the prison, you can get years for misleading the guard or resisting or just not taking the command or not doing the work.

And people are not alone in the prison in Hungary like in Norway or in the United Arab Emirates, so there will be conflicts.

Usually will get additional 10 years, so result: 32 years.

In Hungary you pay your prison, if you get to prison, all your money will be the property of the government and they pay your prison. 5 years cost 10 million forints, and all the prisoners will sue you.

Where we hear that someone got out the the prison after 15 years, we know that he was a rich man, because he did not commited suicide.

Don't believe the newspapers of Hungary people get more.





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jezis maria, typicke

jezis maria, typicke madary.  to je take trapne...

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New!A law says in Hungary


A law says in Hungary that you cannot be punished if you don't commit the crime. You have the possibility to change your mind even with a gun in your hand in the last minute. In the last year we saw that it is not true.

Now in the streets of Hungary police often search your body or do a PREVENTIVE SHOT, even if you do nothing.

We have heard that someone just exited his car too quickly and was killed by a policeman. The last weird thing was a worker of a industrial company was shot down by a 9mm gun at Ferihegy Airport for owning an AXE spray and was banged on the ground. After that the company had to pay the 9mm bullet. Lived 26 years, just finished his diploma. He liked the tale Aladdin, probably it was the cause for the guard to shot.

This is against the old law.