Mbe it is just on my end.

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Mbe it is just on my end.

For the past 3 days my connection to this site gets blocked on and off. Don't know if if there is some sort of routing issue between servers, or some setting on my computer that got messed up.

I've actually had to google Rational Responders and try to link through the various subgroup links to get in rather than my bookmark. Sometimes none of that works. I am on right now of course, but have been having problems on and off lately.

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 Sorry man, we can't quite

 Sorry man, we can't quite figure out why it is down.  You aren't the only one.  We hope the new server will fix our issue and plan to be on it by early March.


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                    It's just today but I had a problem to get here.   I'm in now and I'm not leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I  miss this site when it's not around.


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It's the FISA-warrant

It's the FISA-warrant technology. I did it to server kk thx back in fall 2010. I sux.

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my service is a bit dicky right now and I get timed out when I move between pages. Some times its fine, others it's a viscous process. 

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Yeah, all kinds of loading

Yeah, all kinds of loading issues on my end and time-outs.  Oh, well; new server should kick this bad boy back into gear.

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