The Rush To The Blackened Earth, By Brian37

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The Rush To The Blackened Earth, By Brian37

The following poem is a tribute to Rush and their song "Tom Sawyer" as well as a tribute to Metallica's "Blackened".

Rush has a line in "Tom Sawyer" that expresses independance and freethought.

"His mind is not for rent to any god or government"

And the entire "Blackened" song by Metallica is not a suggestion to nuke the world, but a song warning humans that we are distroying the planet. I hope Rush and Metallica dont mind me thanking them for their valuable thoughts in this mannor.

Now having said that, forgive my spelling and enjoy.

The Rush To Blacken The Earth, By Brian37

Your mind has been for rent
To every god and goverment
They turn you into sheep
Changes of detrement


Everyone form Kim Jong ILL
To the White Bigots on The Hill
Know what's right to do
Freedom to manipulate you

Thinking is noone's friend
Deadly marketing
Kills what might have been
Never is freedom done


Their mean mean pride
Is what leads them to die
Mythology of worship
Be it over a man or a god

Blakened is the earth
Fighting over lies
Phallic wars of dominance
Over selfish pride

Obey obey obey
Is what dictators demand
We must free our thoughts
Of magical candylands

I Rush to the Metal
As hard as iron
To spread qestioning
Of everything

Oh thank you Tom
For Amendment One
To challenge all worship
Be it over a man or a god

I Rush to the rescue
Freedom to be freed
From personality cults
Or or blind zeolotry

Cheerleaders will die
Under scrutiny
By the hands of the free market
And free inquery

To worship a party
By name alone
Be it religion or politics
Are the eyes of Oedipus

His ears not open
He refused to question
Lost his sight
For lack of reason

I wish not ill
By challinging you
Think for yourself
Before we Rush to a Blackend earth.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Thats pretty good. I dont

Thats pretty good. I dont listen to alot of Rush or Metallica but it still good.