Aren't we missing a trick?

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Aren't we missing a trick?

I've been thinking recently and I think that some clarification is in order.   I had a kind of epiphanal moment when I was debating religion with some people and I got that reply "but poeple need something to believe in".   That got me thinking and I came to the conclusion  that maybe we do and I looked up the definition of religion in the dictionary and one of the meanings is: a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.   Now, nowhere in that definition does it say that there need be any involvement of any kind of supernatural being.   If you look at the past then you will see that religion is actually a pretty efficient tool for spreading a mindset throughout a population.   It's just unfortunate that it's been used for so long to spread a defective mind set.   I think what needs to be done is not so much the removal of religion but the removal of illogical faith in supremem beings from religion.

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This definition allows

This definition allows anything to be religion.  To one man, heroin may be of supreme importance and to another, baseball. 

The point is that if one defines something broadly enough, anything becomes innocuous.

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