Jesus in Jail

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Jesus in Jail

Read the article here:

Missouri is about to become the sixth state to use evangelical christianity for prisoners re-entering society.

"The program gives prisoners practical life-skills — how to write a résumé, what to wear to an interview, how to pass a driving test — and a Christian-values-based foundation upon which they can rebuild their lives"

As far as their claims of success:

"A 2003 University of Pennsylvania study of the Texas InnerChange program found that only 8 percent of its graduates returned to prison. But critics point out the study did not count men who dropped out of the program."

Former senator and Attorney General John Ashcroft endorsed the program, not surprisingly.

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You beat me to the punch, I

You beat me to the punch, I was going to post this story also. Great minds think alike.

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I am reminded of that

I am reminded of that program in Texas that was all the rage when the shrub was pushing for his faith based initiative.  I read as much of the study as I could find, but it was strangely unavailable, considering that it was supposed to be such a landmark in reducing recidivism.  I did get to look over the way they tallied their results, though.

It was a brilliant way to get good results, actually.  Just don't count anyone that doesn't get results, and claim they were never "Truly Committed" to the program... 

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If you look at the rates of

If you look at the rates of incarceration for every religion, statistically speaking it would be better to "convert" them to atheists!

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(Converting criminals) It's

(Converting criminals) It's like your rug is on fire, and instead of
 putting it out, you put a shirt over it.

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from the article: "... and

from the article: "... and a Christian-values-based foundation upon which they can rebuild their lives"

So what would these values be? Jesus taught people to hate their family, let people beat them up without complaining, walk away from their family, give EVERYTHING to the poor, not to make any plans for the next day. In otherwords, to be like those guys standing along side the road with a sign begging for food. Maybe they meant to include some old testement values like killing those that worship other gods.







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