response to dawkins

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response to dawkins

Atheists, have a look at - a response to the first chapter of Dawkins' novel. Responses to the other chapters are still in progress, but this page has some solid stuff on it. Check out the rest of the site also - lets face it, this forum is made up of 90% atheists and maybe it would be good to check out areas of the web which look at religion from a different perspective...

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Tilberian wrote:Cocky

Tilberian wrote:
Cocky Christian i wrote:

Cocky Christian i wrote:

In general,  there is no where in new testament scripture anything resembling a prescription for an Inquistion or a Crusade. 

The people of the Middle Ages were apparently able to take a very, very different view on this.

This modern interpretation on the middle ages is exactly the same argument you're using to discount Cocky's modern interpretation of the bible. Or, in other words, you're using the MA interpretation as an argument while at the same time you reject interpretations from a different age, Cocky's, it makes no sense.

I use this argument for the homophobes foaming at the mouth with Leviticus, too: Jesus said "I am the New Law" which meant that everything that had been laid down in the OT was now cancelled out. Jesus was initiating a new order.

I'm not a Christian, btw, but I needed to clear those up.