The orange turd did this to himself.

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The orange turd did this to himself.

I think it was a huge mistake for Nixon's GOP to drop impeaching him in lew of stepping down. I think they not only should have impeached him, but had the DOJ charge him with facilitation and had him do jail time. I think that most likely would have avoided the orange turd being allowed to arise to power. And the DOJ's recommendation, "you can't indict a sitting president" was never law, or even constituitonal law. It was  a bullshit cover for Nixon written by sympathizers. 

And anyone claiming Biden was/is targeting the orange turd is missleading, or flat out lying about how charges are brought to a court. You can't simply say, "I don't like that person, arrest them" as a politician. 

Charges are based on probible cause and evidence, and that evidence paperwork and evidence has to be presented to a prosecutor first, that prosecutor has to review the evedence and probible cause and submit it to a judge, the judge then has to consider if there is enough evidence to submit it to a grand jury. If that grand jury sees enough evidence for it to go to trial, ONLY THEN does it proceed to a regular trial. 

But BOTH grand juries and regular juries ARE NOT selected by party affilation or party loyalty. Both grand juries and regular juries are randomly selected from the general public by a lottry system. The office that sends jury notices randomly to the public, are prohibhited of asking for political or reliigous affiliations. 

Grand juries do not convict, they only consider if there is enough evidence to go to trial. Grand juries are usually bigger in sized than regular trial juries of 12. This means it is virtually impossible to randomly have a jury summons land in the mail box of nothing but Democrats. 

Point being is that the orange turd did this to himself. No conspiracy, no targeting. Nobody forced him to incite the insurrection. Nobody forced him to attempt to get state officials to change the results. Nobody forced him to incite others to harass and intimidate poll workers. Nobody forced him to steal classified nuclear and military documents and illegally show them to unclearanced civilians. The only person to blame for his being charged and indicted, is himself. 


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So you actually believe that

So you actually believe that if Trump had decided not to run in 2024, he would still have all these indictments? And you critisize religious people for believing what the want to believe? How are you any better? I'm not a Trump fan, but anyone with a brain can see he is being prosecuted for running again.


The fact is the whole system is corrupt to the core. Trump has been corrupt his whole life. He learned from his daddy how the system works and got rich using it. But with so much wealth an power being given over to government because of fear and false promices, who else could ever become the heads of goverment except corrupt narcissists?

You only ignore the corruption of Democrats because you agree with the politics they espouse. But just like religous leaders, they are all scam artists. Taxation is a scam, so who else would be in charge of spending it but a scam artist?



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I can say with a fair degree

I can say with a fair degree of certainty that Trump wouldn't be facing indictments if he'd just accepted his loss and bowed out with the bare minimum of grace, instead of siccing his troglodytes on the Capitol.


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