More evidence of why I don't shut up.

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More evidence of why I don't shut up.

When some bitch about me merely saying the word "bullshit". You tell me which is worse? A cuss word? Or a direct physical threat?

Read down to the comments submitted, not by atheists, but by Christians. So I really don't want to hear the false claims of bigotry and hate. THIS is bigotry and hate, in this link. Not simply someone saying "bullshit".

There are Christians who do come here with the "good intent" trying to "save" us and even argue that if society comes to a majority atheist we will end up like Stalin and Po Pot. Ignorant, but not always hateful.

But no one, no Christian or Muslim or atheists should be threatening another human simply because they may hate that person's position. "fuck you" is not a threat, it is merely a middle finger.

LABELS are not the issue, it is the common law of not using violence even when one is offended. It is the common law of not advocating violence even when one is offended.

BUT if people here want me to shut up EVEN in the face of real threats by people who are merely frightened by my existence and wouldn't even care if I cussed or not, would still want me dead, you still don't want me to be blunt even in the face of REAL THREATS?

"You love Hitler" is not a call to violence and only offends me in the sense that there is no logic to that claim.

I have never nor will ever say "Go kill this Christian" for example. But that does not give claims of virgin births or surviving rigor mortis credibility  simply because I value their basic human right to be free from physical harm.

Theists are the ones threatening others. Threats to doctors and threats by form of violence. No one here can say by any stretch that I can be or should be equated to these real monsters.

No, I will not be kind to physical threats. I will not bow to the religious mindset that advocates tyranny, even if it has not taken our government over. Ignoring crap like this and placating the emotions of the "moderates" will not put these sickos in place.

But by no means does this mean because of my blasphemy and harsh treatment of religious claims does that by any stretch make me a fascist or want harm to come to those who hold claims I find absurd. I am NOT the bad guy here.

Part of being a civil society is learning to accept that people will NOT always say nice things to each other. That is all I am trying to demonstrate here and I will not appease people because some think we should not pick on others claims.

Iran and Saudi Arabia are places where non Muslims have no rights to bitch, they have no chance of holding political office in those countries. At best their idea of "toleration" is you, the non-Muslim keep your mouth shut.

How anyone thinks that cussing or ridicule is harmful compared to the demands of silence merely to placate someone's emotions is scary. It is the very thing that leads to the fascism minorities here say they don't want to live under.

So please read and understand WHY I do what I do. None of what I do involves advocating physical harm to believers. It is harsh, and it does offend them, but so what. It is not a call to physical violence like the threats you read in the link above. What I do is merely verbal cold water on the face of absurd claims. That is a far cry from the demands to violence theists of all stripes all over the world call for on a daily basis.





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Hmmm, let's see.Sindy Clock

Hmmm, let's see.

Sindy Clock wrote:
I love Jesus, and the cross and if you dont, I hope someone rapes you!

Lol, the irony is strong with this one.

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