Should we be scared of Newt?

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Should we be scared of Newt?

Now while I am miffed that he managed to get on top despite his cheating(not the issue, other than the right wing are hypocrites if they are going to go with him). And his traveling on the tax payer's dime on the cruise. And his Tiffany account.  AND his own campaign is to me an outright scam in the form of a book tour to line his own pockets.

Despite all that he is now on top. The right wing claims to be so big on morality but is choosing the most corrupt politician to be their pick. Even in his prior stint in congress he was investigated several times for ethics violations. Not to mention he was the most ineffectual Republican out of the bunch.

Some polls now in swing states put him ahead of Obama. If I have to live under a Republican president Romney would be much more preferable to me. Newt scares the shit out of me, mainly because of his prior ineptness and investigations. But just as much in his hypocrisy in being part of a club that investigated the sex habits of Clinton, even when the act was of consent.

I wonder if Republicans would not jump on Obama, if instead of meeting voters, Obama was doing book tours to line his own pockets and used the donations of Democrats to fund that book tour?

I can think of Republicans whom, if they were the only person running for President I would rather have in office. Reagan and Bush Sr come to mind. Newt scares the shit out of me because he seems to be even more inept than Bush Jr and far more of a criminal.

How the fuck he is still in this race is beyond me other than the voting Republicans simply don't want Romney. I really hope that if nominated Newt's stench will be so bad at that point the swing voters wont show up to the polls.

This just shows me that the Republican party really does not give a shit about morality like they claim. It is all about being a gang and winning a turf war. Otherwise the lot they came up with in this cycle would not be so slimy.

Does anyone here think Newt can win the Presidency? I still have my doubts and I think by the time the general election hits, he'll flame out and lose to a wide margin.

But part of me says "holy fuck how the hell is this happening". Then I think about how Bush Jr won with all his fluff and ass kissing.

The thought of Newt as president really scares the shit out of me. Newt makes Romney look like a Democrat.

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 Newt is a breed of career

 Newt is a breed of career politician. I don't know how you draw the conclusion that he is more corrupt than the rest of the thugs there. I think Newt could win, really anyone who wins the republican primary should be a shoe in to be the next president. I don't see how anything other than the most inept campaign could lose to Obama unless things start to radically improve for the average voter, which they won't. Can he win the primary? Maybe. Way too early to tell imo. He is rather liberal and has said many things that upset the base. I would be stunned if he won Iowa. He is polling well now because he is a talented speaker and has come across well in the debates compared to the other candidates. But once votes are cast, things are subject to change.


Do I believe he would be a good president? No. He is another in a line of corrupt politicians who pretends to want smaller government but would probably grow it for his own power. Would he be better than Bama? Obviously. Anyone who denies that Obama is ridiculously corrupt and has been extremely ineffective at doing anything to even begin repairing our economy is simply in an alternate universe. Whatever your political philosophy is, I don't see how you can be enthusiastic about supporting him. And my recent post asking people for their opinions on Obama seems to support that even the left wing is disappointed in him. If you don't have enthusiastic support from your base, you will lose. 

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I disagree

Beyond Saving wrote:

 If you don't have enthusiastic support from your base, you will lose. 


Ultimately the electorate will be obliged to choose between 2 people they may not have any enthusiasm for. There are no great leaders provoking enthusiasm anywhere in the world. The environment in which our 'democratic' leaders are brewed ensures only the most viperous scum reach the surface of a self-obsessed mud wrestle in which management of the nation takes last place to personal survival. We are forced to choose between creatures of this ecosystem.

Further, the nature of political compromise, the banality and click-obsession of the centralised media, the stupidity and myopia of voters, the weight of vested interests, ensures that generating and prosecuting coherent policy in the face of strong opposition in senate or congress is impossible. Another mistake the electorate makes is assuming that politicians have the power to make changes when most often they don't. The most powerful man in America is not the president. 


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Newt's own sister won't vote

Newt's own sister won't vote for him, and he lost the youth when he failed to be hip and cool.
The republicans have nothing.

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