While waiting at my mom's doctor's lobby I over heard this stupidity.

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While waiting at my mom's doctor's lobby I over heard this stupidity.

So I took my mom to her doctor's apointment today. I am spending the day with her untill I have to go to work tonight.

Anywho, while waiting in the lobby I noticed two women leaving the building and over heard one say to the other, being serious, "You know it is bad luck to leave through a door you didn't enter the building through".

The other lady responded, "I know, this is the one we entered in".

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh and looked over to a lady sitting across from me and said, "It amazes me that our species managed to evolve" She laughed in agreement because she heard it too.

Then I said to that same lady, "Do you have any lucky socks you need washed?"




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Well, Brian...

...look at the bright side.  At least she wasn't trying to get *you* to believe such nonsense.  You may as well take your good news where you can get it.



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I use to have a friend whose

I use to have a friend whose sister dated a guy that was absurdly superstitious. He was a Mexican gang banger, who huffed computer cleaner, yelled at gay people from the window of the car and was deathly afraid of "splitting the pole".

Sure makes you glad to know that there is a proliferation of guns in this country.

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