New RFC standard issued by the IETF. "Darwinist" tag in IP header

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New RFC standard issued by the IETF. "Darwinist" tag in IP header


Darwinists Launch Cyber Attack Against Intelligent Design Website.

The Discovery Institute were able to identify the attackers as Darwinists.

Apparently, the IETF have introduced a new flag into the IP protocol, which now  tags the IP header as "Darwinist" ,
however,  after contacting the IETF they have denied such a revision has been implemented.

Therefore,  I can only conclude that the Discovery Institute has discovered yet another way of
interpreting the world around it , which now extends to  a new way of decoding the IP Header .
I wonder if they will share this with rest of world so we can understand how they did it !














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Just more evidence that the

Just more evidence that the 'Discovery' Institute has yet to discover the real world, and has invented its own...


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Rofl. You'd think a think

Rofl. You'd think a think tank would think of protecting their servers from such an attack, and go further by backing up their info. I'd say this proves they don't 'think' at all.

Edit: I guess they did back it up. But they don't know how ddos attacks tend to work. It's usually someone with a botnet, as rarely if ever can you organise enough people to pull one off without it. It therefore stands to reason that 90% or so of the participants didn't even know they were participating, yet the institute can still claim who did it? LOL

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