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If there were a hell, I'll see you there. Apparently I'll be its janitor.


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Bible Studies from an Asshole: The Complete Failure of Christianity

It took me long enough, but I finally got the book published. Bible Studies from an Asshole isn't another atheist book that ridicules religion for wrecking the world. Instead it gives an emic view of Christianity from intensely deep studies of its passages, and then shows how they have completely failed in fulfilling them.

On a personal level, yes, but I mean on the level of Christianity's political intention. People don't realize that Christianity formed to unite people to destroy the empire of Rome in the same way that the Occupy Movement did to fight against Wall Street. And yet it failed at this, which is the reason why not one single thing from the prophecies of doom will ever come to pass. I prove they were talking about their own times, and that they failed in their goals. And that the failure continued into our very day.

I reveal what the "Original Sin" actually is, and how Christianity has spread it upon the earth like jelly. I reveal who the four horsemen actually are, and how we've had so many more horsemen since then. I reveal what the "Mark of the Beast" actually is, and laugh about how every single one of us has actually had it all our lives. Turns out, it's not really all that bad. Nobody I know would give it up anyway.

But mostly, I reveal how rather than bringing us the Kingdom of God, they've reduced that Kingdom into smoldering ashes. Sorry folks, but while the gospel is "good news," I have the bad news. The Kingdom of God is dead. Christianity fucked up and killed it. 

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Let's call the Tampa church and congratulate them on their "Christian values," shall we?

 Yes folks, a church in Tampa denied a funeral to a gay man two days before it was supposed to take place because they found out he had a "husband," and they just didn't like that. So I figured I'd give them a call... enjoy! 


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