This was originally posted on FSTDT, but I like it and wanted to save it to a blog. I feel very strongly about this group (T4C) and groups like it.

Last night, I put on some music (surely satanic) and went on over to Teens-4-Christ to read. The thread "Women Working Outside the Home" caught my eye in the "Q&A" section. Some of the girls are having a hard time accepting the dogma. I remember the feeling when my teacher laughed at me and told me I couldn't be president because I was a girl! Then I imagined all those girls at their computers feeling the same when Brother Randy tells them they can't work if they have a family and if they do they are just greedy. I think of the tears in their eyes when they realize that they are under their father and then under their husbands.

Apparently, college is a dream for boys unless a girl’s father thinks it may do her some good to have a vocation should she become a widow someday. Worse, a mother saying her husband allowed their daughter to go to college so that she could meet a husband! Not to be educated, not to live her dreams or find her path. I mean sure, it's ok to meet a husband in college, but it should never be your reason for going .

I think every female had a defining moment when she realized the hurdles society puts in front of her. That's why they throw words like "feminazi" out there. Not to quiet the handful of women that even I think are a little crazy (I can only think of a few of these off-hand and not one I've met in person). Those women don't care what you call them. Do you think Andrea Dworkin went to her grave thinking, "Oh, gosh I wish they would stop calling me that." They throw out words like that to cement the hurdles firmly in place and dogma is the lead for the girls to run in circles on.

Brother Randy is the king of hurdles and leads. He seems to know exactly what every one of those youngsters should do with their lives. He needs to be stopped.


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This is a great post, and

This is a great post, and it's SO sad that this is still so prevalent in our society.  I vaguely remember my moment of realizing that.

Despite all the after school specials telling me that I could be "anything" when I grew up, I found there were people who didn't want a girl doing certain things. And then I was told that Drafting and Woodworking would be useless to a girl and I'd be better off focusing on Cooking and Sewing in Grade 10. This from a woman teacher, too.

Joke's on them, cause I use drafting skills a lot in animation. Ha HA! 

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a great women and an atheist. If you wanted an example of one.

To be honest there is some truth to the president thing and the atheist thing doesn't help... I'm not saying its right or people shouldn't change it, but it probably won't change by the next election.

Also I'm all for women doing whatever the hell they want, but this isn't just the women suffering here. They would be if they are tricked/forced to believe it, but everyone will loss from all the smart people being told they can't do this or that just because they have a vagina and tits. Plus there might be some dude that doesn't know shit that gets work on something he shouldn't wtf.

PS This isn't why I just said that, but I'm single. Eye-wink