Free Thought Poetry - Original Sin

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There must be something bigger
Something more
An undeniable truth
The essence of existence flowing through us all
Some have called it God
A fiction of embodyment
They worship rather than respect
And decay in servitude
If one day we could learn
To tolerate our brothers
Accepting amongst others
The need for variation
We may allow ourselves
To embrace evolution
To salute new solutions
With no threat of retribution
We might tolerate ourselves

All I ask is just the chance
To make myself a better man
To try to learn, to understand
What I'm doing here

But I doubt that this will lead
To a life spent on my knees
To reinstate my will as free
Original sin

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I like this. It's nice.

I like this. It's nice. Mind if I link some friends to it? Some will outright appreciate it on their own, others... it may cause them to think and consider some of their actions.


It rather reminds me of something that has been bothering me of late. Religionists, and those who are atheist but afraid to call themself by the term "atheist" because they associate it with unsavory actions, all thinking that those without religion are evil, without morals or ethics. The argument I usually hear from religionists is that they need the threat of divine retribution to make them feel guilty for doing bad, and to compel them to be good. Sad