What is Christians had an pop-up that said...

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What is Christians had an pop-up that said...

Please donate to one of these highly rated charities to help impede the GOP attack on America 2017-2019.

Support our activism efforts by making your Amazon purchases via this link.

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Ha! I thought is was aimed

Ha! I thought is was aimed at Janists.



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Sapient wrote: Christians

Sapient wrote:

Christians shouldn't be viewing sites like "Urban Dictionary" the ad was aimed at Hindus.


Fantastic to see targetting of religions other than christianity.

Hindus are a weird bunch. I visited India a couple of years ago. They have some fantastic temples there. It's a pity the worship is taken so seriously though. So much money is put into building new temples. It is kind of sickening when you see the poverty, and think of the things the money could have been spent on.

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Oh my, how silly of me. I

Oh my, how silly of me. I thought we were going after Bahi'is. 

Wait, aren't Christians always trying to 'fix' atheists?  Isn't that what proseltyzing and witnessing is all about? 

If god takes life he's an indian giver

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I was hoping the ad would

I was hoping the ad would come up next time I looked for dry dock or donkey punch.

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Let me get this straight,

Let me get this straight, now.  We're "sick".  Damn, and all this time I thought they were the sick ones.Undecided

"Erecting the 'wall of separation between church and state,' therefore, is absolutely essential in a free society." Thomas Jefferson

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   hee hee,

   hee hee, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_10:34

Get it on, louder, DEBATE, just don't hurt anyone, heal delusion, you know religion, wasn't that a wise jesus message , I like atheist jesus, it's all in the "sermon on the mount" , makes pretty good sense .... so who fucked it up ? and WHY ???

go get em RRS  .....