Can use some help about the oldest and most used picture of Jesus

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Can use some help about the oldest and most used picture of Jesus

I am working on a youtube video riddiculing all this picturing jesus being white, blond and blue eyed with a chin like Rock Hudson..

A while ago I have read that the oldest generally used  picture of jesus :

Was actually based on some greek (somewhere in that region) monk or priest that lived in the the 3rd / 4rth century AD

I have been looking all over but I could not find it back, is ther someone who can tell me more abiout this?

It is rather impostant because it is the whole baseline of the video....




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Have you considered it was

Have you considered it was based on an Eastern Emperor at the time, It resembles Justinian (6th century) but he comes later then your timeline. Otherwise it could be based on the artist's regular model.

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