Twinkies and Zombieland

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Twinkies and Zombieland

Four years ago when I saw the movie Zombieland I laughed when Tallahassee was looking for Twinkies, but never to find them. I laughed because Twinkies have always been everywhere. I don't recall a single 7-11 which didn't have them on the shelf.

Now, as Twinkies are being pulled from the shelves, to be sent back to the maker, and for what? To be destroyed? I find Twinkie boxes on ebay for way more than they are actually worth. This is sugar people. It really isn't that valuable.

The recipe which is "Twinkies" is going to be sold off and you are going to have other companies which will make them so they aren't leaving forever.

I haven't done so, but I bet making home-made Twinkies are a thousand times better than any of the crap you get at the store. Seriously? Think of how much better they could be if you made them at home?