Skins ellection superstition fails

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Skins ellection superstition fails

For those who don't know there has been a long standing and quite STUPID superstition regarding the last Redskins home game win or loss before an ellection. As it is claimed when the Redskins win their last home game before an ellection the incumbant wins, if they loose the challenger wins. But the last time this did not work was in 04 and the caviat excuse was the ellectoral college.

I fucking hate ALL forms of superstition, be it belief in an invisible friend or lucky socks or rabbits feet, and I am glad once again, merely as a side issue, that Obama not only one the popular vote but the ellectoral college as well. Now while the superstition itself has no impact on reality, it still irritates me that people buy into this shit and sell this shit.

This does however bring up a real important issue as to why superstition persists. It is a failure to take into account selection bias and sample rate errors. It is merely projecting a pattern into a coincidence. The Redskins were not arround at the founding of the country, and if the league exists for another 200 or 500 years, long term what you would end up with in that home game is a crap shoot.

Superstition is merely the person projecting their own desires on patterns they think have value when the reality is that life is a crap shoot. Obama did not win or loose because of a stupid unconneccted sporting event and I hope this bullshit dies, but I fear in another 4 years some dipshit will simply say "it is mostly accurate" as an escuse to cling to it.

The Redskins lost because they suck, and if one can accept they don't have an impact on the ellections of other world leaders it is stupid to think or believe that they had an affect on this one. Bushit is bullshit.`

So when the Cubs finally win a World Series again, given time their number will come up, I am going to call bullshit on any "curse" crap they bring up as well.


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