Barney Frank is an atheist!

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Seems like Barney Frank has lent credence to the idea that the atheist closet is harder to escape than the one for gays.  Only after retiring was Barney Frank able to admit he is an atheist.  

Celebatheists story: Barney Frank is an atheist 


- Brian Sapient

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Interesting. I don't think I

Interesting. I don't think I ever gave it any thought. I guess he kept it quiet since being gay was more than enough bullshit to put up with in the public eye.

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Oh, That Gay guy . . .

Labels are helpful in the real world but not always. Yeah That was interesting. He might have been afraid as much as he may not have wanted to suffer the prejudice associated with it. Like DBB was suggesting above. Somebody being accustomed to suffering stereotyping. Prejudice is something unhelpful to our development, a thing to remember for anyone. It separates people and is pretty damn ugly.