Christians were reminded that their god doesn't exist. (recovered from google)

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Christians were reminded that their god doesn't exist. (recovered from google)

We couldn't have said it better than Shalini...


"Since all the plans and last-minute changes have been finally worked out, now is the time to spill the beans. This year I will be spending Christmyass Christmas Day with the Rational Response Squad in an attempt to make Baby Jesus cry. *wink*

There will be a live discussion where people will be able to submit questions and join the conversation at the stickam room. Cretins/theistards/appeasers, you are welcome to submit questions and get your collective asses kicked for free on Christmas Day. Doesn't that sound simply wonderful? That's right- Brian, Kelly and me, live from the famed RRS house on December 25th. This would be the best time for the trolls here to put their money where their mouth is and make complete fools out of themselves in front of a whole bunch of laughing atheists. Support, presence and link love would be very much appreciated. Eye-wink"

P.S. The immoral and dishonest Christians on her blog and elsewhere will be receiving a philosophical ass kicking.

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I read this article

I read this article recently entitled "The Bible Gene". The scientists have discovered the exact configuration of the DNA that causes people to believe that the Bible was written by God and that we should obey the commandments. That in itself is not surprising but they found that Chimpanzes and Bonobos have the same gene. The United Christians of America have translated the Bible into "chimp" and are smuggling bibles into their cages as we speak. I'll keep you posted. Those Christians are always good for a laugh.