Idiots and the insane on Yahoo answers

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Idiots and the insane on Yahoo answers

Both people asking these questions seemed 100 % serious.

First one asked if you believe in UFOs. Here was the text of the question:

A prophet in the Bible said, and the Lord will send beings from the deeps of the universe. Jesus said, legions of angel could interfere, if he had allowed them to defend him, when captured for his crucifixion.
The day UFOs' beings reveals themselves --we will be living in, the last days of Jesus's love. SOON, it can happen, after the world largest and strongest earthquake hit the earth. Many UFOs are trying to help, but they can’t. People should move out from those places.
The reason UFOs' beings don't communicate with humans is because--humans kill themselves, and are considered salvage and inferior beings.As Richard Dawkins would say, "Barking mad!"My answer was "No, and if you really believe this you seriously need medication."Another one asked atheists if there isn't a God why does the Bible exist?Of course, when someone brought up Harry potter, he said "Harry Potter doesn't count because he is fiction."Oh the Irony.....

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Maybe we should start a

Maybe we should start a campaign to answer all these questions with real answers. 



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It's scary when you find out

It's scary when you find out what regular people are thinking about.