Is this a parody?

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Is this a parody?

Check this site out. Read more than just the homepage :


What the fuck??? If it isn't this guy is both really fucking stupid and completely insane.


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I think that it must be.

I think that it must be. There's just something about having the Back to the Future theme playing on your website that just doesn't scream serious(ly insane) Christian.

I think I may have found conclusive proof of it's parody-ness:

No Donations will be accepted at this time

Have you ever known a Christian fundamentalist who didn't accept donations?!

Your honour, I rest my case. Smiling


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First of all, I really

First of all, I really enjoyed looking at this website. I thought it was very entertaining.


However, I think it must be a parody, because in all honesty, how can a serious organization/person possibly have a list that long for their mission? It looks exactly as if they looked up a whole lot of serious websites' missions and compiled them into one "super-mission". It was funny but I don't think it can be serious.


Something else: regardless of whether it is a parody or not, whoever wrote the majority of it obviously didn't spend very much time trying to make it look serious/good. The spelling and grammar across the entire website is atrocious.


Tongue out

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I looked at a couple of

I looked at a couple of pages of the site...and while I admit that this isn't instincts are that these people are *serious.*  I do *not* think that this is a parody.  I also do not think that these are Christian Fundamentalists--I think that they are probably Roman Catholic Christians, who are looking for non-Catholics to join their efforts.

This site seems to me to be a kind of "Catholic culture war" site.  The Catholic part comes in with the frequent quotes from canonized Saints (which scholarly Catholics, and Catholics who fancy themselves scholars, are wont to do.)  The explanation for the music may be some idea of the designer which was never explained, or it may be nothing more than that "it sounded good" to...well...whoever.

The "culture war" part comes in prominently in the references to abortion (i.e., "speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.&quotEye-wink  If I looked through that list more thoroughly, I have no doubt that I could find more "culture war" ideas.  Frankly, though, the site bored me.



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It seems similar enough to

It seems similar enough to other fundies i have seen before that I knew were serious. So afaik yup.

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I LOLed when the theme from

I LOLed when the theme from Back to the Future started playing. It was so epic I almost wanted to believe! Eye-wink

Then I stumbled across their argument against evolution:

I think that tops the peanut butter-abiogenesis argument in entertainment value. No bigfoot = no evolution. Genius Laughing out loud

I could accept that these people are serious, but I truly hope they're not. 

*nen leaves the site open in the background, humming along to the music*