Protecting children from religion

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Protecting children from religion

United States
Protecting Children From Religion
Anne Morse
?Parents strongly cautioned?this movie contains Christian themes.? That, said Anne Morse in, is the warning label the Motion Picture Association of America apparently wanted to slap on Facing the Giants, a church-made film about a Christian football coach. The MPAA gave the movie a PG rating, which usually goes to films with sexual or violent scenes that might upset children. When the filmmakers asked why, they claim, the MPAA told them that the film engaged in naked ?proselytizing? for one religion, and might offend people of other faiths. When Christian groups protested, MPAA officials denied that religion played any role in the PG rating?but their denial sounds unconvincing. Apparently, the elite now believes that children must be protected from ?offensive religious themes.? In that spirit, let?s slap a warning label on all films of this treacherous ilk. We must start, of course, with The Sound of Music, which, parents should be advised, contains ?explicit depictions of Roman Catholic singing nuns? and overt references to a ?Christian God.? It?s a Wonderful Life is another intolerant film in which the lead character is saved by an angel, and the local atheist is portrayed ?as the meanest man in town.? Finally, parents should be duly warned about My Fair Lady, which contains the song, ?Get Me to the Church on Time.? This could easily offend viewers who would ?prefer to see Alfie Doolittle arrive at other types of houses of worship in a punctual manner??preferably to marry someone of the same sex.

from The Week

It's funny that the author is so obviously incensed by this. I think that, considering the prevalance of new christian children's movies, a warning isn't a bad idea. With classic movies, we are already aware of the theme, so it won't come as a shock when you're sitting in the theater with your kids. Any thoughts?

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Protecting children from religion

I agree with the warning. Of course, even by the technical standards of the MPAA a movie that was directly made from the entire Bible would be rated at least R, probably NC-17.

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Protecting children from religion

Well, if they want to place warning labels on science books, I think it is only fair to place them on overtly xtian movies. Fact is, people are starting to use movies to proselytize, and yes, that in fact should have warnings about that.
The author is just pissed off, because he agrees with the way the xtians want to brainwash the masses, that's all.

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Protecting children from religion

This lable belongs on the inside cover of every Bible:

They are available from our friends at, and I take one with me whenever I travel to place in hotel room Bibles.

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Protecting children from religion

I would figure the columnist would have been happy with the rating. It's like giving a beacon to Christians to go see this movie. So then it becomes, is it just a ploy to boost revenue? Controversy is always profitable.

I personally, don't like any movie, book, or work of art being singled out for content. The next step in the discussion is usually then, should it be allowed to be seen.

I work in an electronics store and when asked to find a movie acceptable to the general public for viewing. I chose "The Count of Monte Christo" (new one) and was told, that was an excellent choice. That wouldn't be the case if I told them I chose it because of its strong atheist themesSmiling

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