Global population reaches 8B

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Global population reaches 8B

Why must every freedom must be taken away to support endless population growth? Why must workers and business be forced into tax slavery to support and the endless birth of children whose parents can not afford to adequedly care for a child?

Why do humans have the right to destroy all wilderness and make other species go extint to support endless human population growth?

Why was Covid such a 'crisis' even though is barely made a dent in population growth?

Why are the elites endlessly pushing 'green investments' to "save the planet", but population is taboo to even discuss? What good is green energy if the population is going add another billion every decade? Any improvement in healthcare, water or infrastucture are only

going to be negated by human population growth?

Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. --Mark Skousen

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 Why are you a giant

 Why are you a giant douche? 


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Brian37 wrote: Why are you

Brian37 wrote:

 Why are you a giant douche? 



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civilizatons can't work as designed or promised. Being civilization is an invention of  (man) certain people, the idea is to get around nature, which cannot be done. Nature wins very time. Civilizations have persisted by reinventing itself after each failure by instituting the same old ideas that didn't work last time. It's all a matter of psychiatry, and psychiatrists don't know what the flaws are so they are no help to solve the inhuman problems that always aoccur passed on from previous generations.  Civilization is an inheritance from previous generations originally designed by power mad idiots. The object is--- for a few to rule the many, and if that few are flawed thinkers they keep the schrade going. 

   The object is for  the few to benifit from the many at the labors and expense of the many.  Over time the many saughtto get their fair share causing an evolvment of diverse types of government, but civilization will always return to it's original concept of a few over the many as we see what the WEF is about.  Everyone in a civil system wants the same thing, so in the pursuit of the same the top predators will always be the winner. 

   Civil authorities recreate people from natural beings into man made beings according to a central plan based on material affluence which technically create an enmity between all oersons in competition with each other. Such a mentality will always eat up society and it all ends---again. The problem is "superiority' which cannot amount to anything more then self destruction as all are after a greater wedge of the pie. The very ideas that cililizations are founded of are the very ideas that destroy it.   Typically, it's animal mind vs human mind, the animal wins every time, as that is the basic structure of civil ideas. IOW people are not as Human as they pretend to be.    The animal rules, and couled with higher intelect everyone becomes an enemy to everone else. The first animal natural concept is "enmity". Watch any cow herd to learn, you'll see the basics of your societial function. One cow with the horns rules the hers. Removethe horns and the herd will reach a passive condition, but they remain enemies---thats nature. Human nature is a type of personthat knows to overcome the personal/natural animal pursuits.     The solution- Each understand their animal vs human personage and opt to the humane side of each one's person. You all are a humane vs the inhumane--bar none.            

The only possible thing the world needs saving from are those running it.

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