Why Volume issue of inauguration matters!

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Why Volume issue of inauguration matters!

 Asshole Cebrity Despot @POTUS and his goons @KellyannePolls and Bannon have spent their campaign LYING about everything. We have TIME LAPS VIDEO of the Mall that cleary shows he did not have record crowds! And coward @PressSec Sean Spicer LIED about it too and like Trump used a very viifying demagoguery tone with the press. DC subway records of rides PROVE that the @womensmarch had far more rides. So how the fuck can it be that Trump had bigger crowds? No Kellyanne, you DONT get to pick "alternative facts"!

THIS MATTERS, because Trump spent 5 years villifying Obama. Trump spent a year villifying Hispanics and refugees and insulting blacks. Attacked the service of McCain and a dead soldiers mother. Trump villified a sitting judge. Trump villified intel and now lies about it claiming he did not. There is a huge difference between a politician criticizing and vilifying. He has lied to workers taking credit for things he did not do. He ran for the same party that has perpetuated attacks on Medicare and Medicaid. He runs for a party that hides behind "religious freedom" yet wants to control women with force of law almost as if they are envious of the control of women in the middle east. @womensmarch WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

The @GOP @SpeakerRyan lie about the ACA which was moddled after Mitt Romney's plan. They claim they can replace it, which is bullshit they have nothing. Trump and the GOP suckered voters to do one thing and one thing only, continue their monopoly on protecting corporate welfare and have successfully used social issues to divide the country. 


It is up to EVERYONE who is onto this 36 year scam, to speak out every day, to all local officials state officials and congress and White House. And to force local and national media, their personal websites, their Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram pages, newspaper, TV/radio, and demand they stop giving a very dangerous demagogue a platform. Trump is a very petty thin skinned man, a bully, and has no place being the most powerful diplomat in the world. He has promised to release his taxes but is still stonewalling that even though the IRS says there is nothing preventing him from doing so. 


No Mr Trump, you did not have record turnout at your inauguration. No Mr Trump you DID NOT win the popular vote. No Mr Trump not even your Electoral College win was a record margin, it was one of the lowest in EC history. Yes Mr Trump WE DO HAVE video comparing crowd size. Yes Mr Trump, YOU DID pick public fights with INTEL, no it was not criticism, it was vilifying. No Mr Trump, we DO NOT believe you when you impy you wont benefit from your name while in office. That is merely a bullshit shell game you are playng with your kids. Giving the Hotel profits to gov, isn't charity, it is a payoff. You did not come to "drain the swamp", you ARE the swamp!

If you have one shred of human decency you will step down. The irony is that your wife's agenda is to prevent bullying, yet you have acted like one for 5 years. NO MORE MR TRUMP, the world does not need a bully warmonger thin skinned asshole like you in office! @whitehouse @POTUS @PressSec.




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 More like it proves that

 More like it proves that loosers ride the subway. Loosers take a day off work because their only hope is daddy big government.

If these women were really strong and smart, they wouldn't need big government and white knights like you to protect them now would they? They wouldn't need George Soros to fund them.

They wanted Washington to have so much power and money then later bitch when Washington politicians have so much control over them. A strong independant woman can take care of herself.

And why didn't these women show up at Hillary rallies or the polls?

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The president has to step

The president has to step down if he doesn't draw record crowds? 

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 Somebody forgot to take

 Somebody forgot to take his meds again...

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what i love, brian, is that

what i love, brian, is that you go off on trump for lying, backpeddling, and trying to rewrite or deny saying things he said in the past, when you have been doing the EXACT SAME SHIT here for years.

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iwbiek wrote:what i love,

iwbiek wrote:
what i love, brian, is that you go off on trump for lying, backpeddling, and trying to rewrite or deny saying things he said in the past, when you have been doing the EXACT SAME SHIT here for years.

Hear hear!

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