Celebrity Despot Trump's demagoguery not the only thing that is dangerous, science deniers as well.

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Celebrity Despot Trump's demagoguery not the only thing that is dangerous, science deniers as well.

 Long before asshole narcissistic bully ran, scientists have always had to combat theism that gets scared of their claims being challenged. It is why a very fearful society was so scared of Galileo telling the truth about the real nature of our solar system, he was put under house arrest.

Anyone who has seen all of the new Cosmos series with Neil, knows that the gatekeeper's fear of loss of power when science conflicts with their social norms, is NOT unique to any one religion, but worldwide in every religion. Now mind you in reading this, it is NOT a call to oppress any religion, as if one could. It is a warning to humanity that now is not the time to coddle religious insecurities, now is not the tlme to allow the corporate world to  scare theists into protecting their old poluting technology. 


Trump is not only dangerous to global divisions based on religious and nationality lines. Trump's cabinate is full of science deniers and that is a LONG TERM THREAT to our planet. No theists, nobody should be out to force you to not believe, but this isn't about your human rights, this is about what FACTS say, and if we don't face it now our planet will get worse and create more extreme weather wich will cause more resource damage, and more conflict as a result of bad environmental policy. 



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 Every breath you take you


Every breath you take you pump out C02 into the air. You can't deny this is contributing to Climate Change. So why do you continue to exhale? Just hold you breath until Trump is out of office.


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