A troll fails

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A troll fails

Vastet wrote:
Having watched Brian and Beyond for all that time, I cannot disagree with the idea that they've had more 1 on 1 discussions than any two other people. I remember 7 years ago I wouldn't criticise Brians posts even when they were ridiculous, simply because he was at least vaguely on my side and Beyond was firmly in the opposition camp. But as time went on, Brian started expanding his straw man assaults to include other people. I let the first few go without much of an issue, but it only increased in frequency. At this point I can say that I no longer have any respect for Bob. Not only is he attempting to defend a sociopath, he knows less than I do about science, as was demonstrated recently. Bob has become Brian's puppet who only comes on to be a hypocritical whiny bitch.


So...Mr. Expert here admits he doesn't know much about science but acts as if he knows EVERYTHING while bitching at others for knowing nothing.  Nice to be hypocritical. 

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 I can't melt metal in a

 I can't melt metal in a factory to mold a car engine, but I do know my car does not run on pixy dust. And I can drive one as well without assuming it runs on pixy dust.

Bob has a degree, and all this amounts to is that some here don't like that he sided with me. The worst part is that he never said I got everything right. He'd side with my mom and most of my friends and even my x wife that I am scatterbrianed. But he also knows I have have good grasp of human behavior and your response is unfortanatly typical of our species. Someone upsets the apple cart you don't like it. 

"Sides" You fucking idiot. It isn't about "sides" Vaset. It is about HUMANITY. Something Hitchens cared about and Dawkins cares about, and Sam cares about. You and others here care that I didn't conform verbally, like most humans. I am NOT out to murder anyone, or silence you. SO GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.

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^ Brian yet again makes shit

^ Brian yet again makes shit up to make himself feel better. Interestingly, he has chosen the best part of the site to do so: trollville.

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i have two degrees, neither

i have two degrees, neither of which is in bob's field. bob's degree is not in my field. therefore it's a pretty moot point.

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