France and Corporal Punishment

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France and Corporal Punishment

 To hell with this. I grew up cutting switches out of trees and getting spanked. I am not advocating beating children by any means, but some brats that I have seen in stores, yelling Fuck you at parents and such, NEED a belt to the ass in my opinion



Council of Europe 'set to criticise France on smacking'

failure to explicitly ban smacking children, Le Monde newspaper reports.

French law forbids violence against children, but recognises the parents' "right to discipline" children.

The Council of Europe will say that the laws on corporal punishment are "not sufficiently clear, binding and specific", Le Monde says.

The council did not comment. It is to issue its formal ruling on Wednesday.

It follows a complaint by British children's charity Approach, which argues that France and other council members are violating a section of theEuropean Social Charter calling on signatories to protect children.

The council has called for all of its 47 members to ban corporal punishment of children. So far, 27 have banned the practice.

The laws in France have occasionally caused controversy.

In 2013, a father was fined €500 ($560; £364) for spanking his nine-year-old son, a case that reignited the debate about corporal punishment in France.


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My parents would be in

My parents would be in prison if they did today what they did over four decades ago. I used to get hit so hard they I usually bled. My wife, around my age, also had experiences of the same nature. One story was that her sister was beaten so hard one time she was bleeding from her vagina. Today parents aren't allowed to beat children but can give smacks on the behind. 

I will admit that some parents are just plain stupid.

I was at the mall one time and a woman, who was tired of her kid screaming and disobeying her, took the tiny boy by the wrist and picked him up out away from her body. The boy was kicking and screaming for his life and I instantly dropped my clothes and ran up to her to tell her to let him go. Along with me were five other parents, four women, who were frantically telling the woman to let the child go. The parent started a profanity storm which would make a sailor blush and with in minutes a city cop was there at the scene. Needless to say twenty or more people had gathered and were all supporting our story. 

I think that there is a place for light smacks on the tush to get the child's attention; any thing else I consider a beating.

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 What if you are not a

 What if you are not a Corporal? What if you are a Private or or Captian? I know what you are thinking "SOMEBODY PLEASE SHOOT HIM".

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