How to refute touchy feeliness argument about god? My girflriend claims to have dreamt of hell and woke up with her knees burnt

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How to refute touchy feeliness argument about god? My girflriend claims to have dreamt of hell and woke up with her knees burnt

 So my Atheist thinkers and reasoners, I have  a tough question to bring up, after working on my girlfriend (she's a Muslim) for two months aproximately and refuting, refuting, refuting and debunking, she claims to still believe in God and many things spiritual, she believes in a heaven and hell (After telling her the eroneus concepts of hells from all cultures, even the Jewish Gehenna wich was actually a garbage dump outside Jerusalem) mainly because *drum rolls* she never told this to anyone so I might be violating something, she once had a dream (When she was 14) when she was in to experimenting *drum rolls* Black Magic, wich according to her when I asked of the procedures didn't need any such bombastic displays of Abrakadabra (Wich I read from reputated Grimoires (Not just any silly spell directions ripped from a page of a silly magazine)) So she proceeded to do so through Astral Projection (Wich she claimed to have performed) to curse a few people and guess what? Shit really happened by her claims, that ofcourse ended up making her feel bad, because in order to do so she distanced herself from all things pure (Hold on, let me look up the policy for what is pure, hahahaha) when that happened she dreamt of herself when older (By her claims in the dream she looked more or less like she is now, 20-24ish) in a white Kaftan (Muslim funeral robe) in a red hellish place in line with men of all eras dressed according to their fashions, and she was directed by a tribunal of two men dressed in Kaftans to enter the left door leading to hell, she woke up when the damned thing opened and according to her that blew a blast of air at her knees wich left her with burn wounds and scabs when she woke up, sounds FUCKED UP, doesn't it? What the hell could that have been? Could she have hallucinated? Now what's funny about it is that she rarely speaks of these things, she never pulls out the conversation herself, she's the quiet and submissive type and fairly insecure (considering that she doesn't know fairly more than her own house and her constant religious diet) She always was quite dozy and dreamy, but c'mon that's just too much, burnt from having a nightmare? Can anyone throw some light upon this steaming pile of bullshit?

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I'll give it a shot.



                Let's see;  ten years ago when she is haveing these muslim/martyr type dreems it's 2003  and Muslim suicide bombers are all over the news, she joined in the "fun"  like most dreemy eyed 14 year olds without actually joining in the "fun".  She romantisized herself into a topic of the day scenario based on her cultural background which 14 year old girls tend to do. Her non-muslim peer group likely dreemed of being war heroes or being widowed and pregnant by a war hero.   The burning knees?  Aches and pains can trigger certain dreems, have you ever had your legs in an awkward position untill the pain felt like a burning sensation? Easy enough to do when your asleep at which point your brain gives you a burning dreem, based on your cultural back ground.





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I think you are fucked up

I think you are fucked up for dating her.

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1: To quote the internet:

1: To quote the internet: "Pics or it didn't happen".

2: This supposedly happened 10+ years ago, which means she no longer actually remembers the incident. She's remembering remembering. Possibly dozens of times over. Her beliefs and experiences in the intervening time frame have warped her recollections as she remembers remembering from new frames of mind. Her memory of the incident contains approximately 30% real memory, and 70% imagination. In the case of people NOT believing in magic, your imagination can actually rerecord incidents fairly accurately (though it's still not actual memory), using logic. But if you throw logic out the window you can convince yourself anything happened.

3: I could start throwing out random explanations like sleep walking/carpet burn, but 1 & 2 are sufficient.

Whether by science or not, she's quite obviously mistaken.

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