The Ledge, a personal review.

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The Ledge, a personal review.

First off let me thank Bob Spence for my birthday gift early as it was. My birthday is in September He sent me the movie "The Ledge".




I enjoyed it, but not for the reason some might think. I thought that the editing was the downside of the movie. The shots were sometimes way too long and the music did not meet the implied tone of the particular scene. It was too long as well.

However, there were a couple of scenes that were riveting and had me glued. The scene where the cop confronts his wife about the fact that their kids were not his. And the scene where the evil religious nut job has the hero in his apartment with the gun in his lap.

I also enjoyed it because it reflected the common arguments atheists make on line every day, about bigotry, the absurdity of claiming "god is testing us". I also felt myself smile when the hero and the woman are looking up at the night time sky and he explains how awesome the universe is without a god.

So it was a mixed bag. I without a doubt loved it because of the subject matter, but purely from an editing and acting standpoint I was not a fan of the casual mood of the acting when the implied script was supposed to be intense. Some could blame that on the budget, but I am not. I have seen big budget block busters that people love which I still don't get because of the casual mood the director is fond of. Quinton T would be an example of a director I am not fond of.

I also love the fact that the hero not only gave his life for the women he loved, he also saved a marriage. I honestly don't think, most humans, regardless of label would be capable of doing what the hero did in real life. I think most of the time humans will avoid danger or try to if they know ahead of time. However, we can and often do in times of stress do things we might normally not do, like jump into a river to save a flood victim or push someone out of the way of a car or falling object because we don't have time to think.

So my grade is as follows. A for content, because it raises needed questions. C+ for acting and editing.

BTW Liv, nice tits.


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Happy pre-birthday. Sounds

Happy pre-birthday. Sticking out tongue

Sounds interesting.

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