Florida man smacks wife for taking the lord's name in vain

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Florida man smacks wife for taking the lord's name in vain

After he smacked her he went out for a smoke. The wife called the police and he was arrested.

Persecuted for Jesus sake?


Religion Kills !!!

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What an idiot

 What an idiot. 

If such a thing as the "lord" existed, wonder what these christians think they are doing when they are praying for their favorite team to win, praying for laws against gays, calling on god to cast people into hell and proclaiming themselves as "true" christians are doing ? 

If that is not taking the "lord's" name in their own vanity, I would like to know what that is.

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Good for her. Hopefully her

Good for her. Hopefully her next step is a divorce.

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His defense, "I only slapped

His defense, "I only slapped her, I didn't shoot her in the back of the head during a soccer match. Besides, she called my daddy a name".

Yea, ok, so if someone spray paints "Your sister is a whore, on the local water tower, that gives you the right to assault them?"

To that dip shit, if you actually want to earn some money being a sexist bully, get on the Jerry Springer show, that way you can look dumb and then file a lawsuit for assault when someone throws a punch at you.

Poor poor crybaby, wears his barbecue stained wife beater while drinking his Miller and jacks off over Fox News.

"Maw, my ol lady dem der called my invisible friend a bad word".


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