there are no atheists in foxholes BullS---- theres one right here

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there are no atheists in foxholes BullS---- theres one right here

ok as you can see from my pic that im a veteran of oif.. OK... i have not really embraced atheism until the last year due to the fact that i suffered what most skeptics suffer at first the "what if im wrong?" question well the more ive researched for myself and found that what most atheists say are true. BUt there are some that merely  dont do research and they have no ammo to defend themselves.. well with the research ive done i can honestly say i arrived at atheism on my own terms not someone elses.. but i keep hearing the phrase 'there are no atheists in foxholes" which i considered myself to be atheist at various points in my life but was convinced "mostly by AA and NA memeber" that god was the only way i didnt dogmatically follow i was merely a casual believer.. yes i had bad drug and drinking problems during and after iraq for obvious reasons. im not service connected for PTSD for no reason. and i see a rise in atheist service members which gives me hope that one day itll be more socially acceptable to be atheist and be able to voice it without fear of negative backlash.  i find that that praying to something im not even sure exists provides NO comfort and in fact left me with an emptiness and the "how do i know hes really there and if he even heard me if he was" and those kind of thoughts ive had since i was a small child. i just viewed santa claus and the tooth fairy were basically the same thing.... i know there are other veteran or active service members that identify as atheists but i would like to meet people on here that are veterans because alot of people i deployed with have turned to religion in a big way and though i can identify with them that one little piece of the puzzle dosent fit with them.... but im done rambling... drop me a line folks Smiling ive currently been out of the guard since 2006 and was in iraq from 2003-2004 first wave fun. only government ties i have are with the veterans hospital here in MOuntain home, TN aka Johnson city tn


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                      Of course the are atheists in fox holes, in fact there are millions of them.  



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 Someone has a tag line

 Someone has a tag line here that "There are no theist on operating tables". If they believed it so much they would not rely on man to save them, as they say only god can do that.

I just missed out on the Vietnam war draft so I am not a veteran, but my dad was in the army. It is a very courageous thing you are doing and all the more because you are defending freedom with your one life versus those who think they will live forever with god. 


Have you been to this website?



Thank you for your service and for the flying spaghetti monsters sake be safe !



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