Vanity, By Brian37

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Vanity, By Brian37

Vanity, By Brian37

It started with
A mere projection
"I thought it"
"I dreamed it"

And with that
He planted seeds
Grew a garden
An looked at the mountain

"My garden is grand
If I climb that mountain
Of others
I can command"

So step by step
He climbed and climbed
Reached the top
Found golden land

Then reason passed buy
Noticing the dog at sleep
Woke it up
And asked

"What were you dreaming
Your legs were twitching
Your arms
Were twitching"

"I've made a garden"
"I've climbed a mountain"
"I'm in command
Of all I see"

"No no no
Said the wise man
You had a dream
Nothing more"

And the documentary maker
Was stabbed to death
The cartoonist
Was threatened with death

Salem burned
Doctors murdered
Because the dreamer
Wouldn't let go

The dog was rabid
With superstition
And always gets angry
When you wake it up

The invisible garden
The non material mountain
The vanity of humans
And deadly superstition

Taboo taboo
The only badge
The insecure
Hide behind

The only name
On that badge
Is one of gaps
Thy name be vanity

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