Review: They don't fucking twinkle in the sunlight....

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Review: They don't fucking twinkle in the sunlight....

For those who like the series "Walking Dead" and the Movie "Zombieland" I ran across a little independent film of the same genre...

Check out "Stake Land"... Post Apocalypse hungry dead things... (ok, they ARE vampires, but they act more like Zombies...)
It's gritty and you won't know any of the actors, but it's pretty well done. One name actor, Kelly Gillis (of Top Gun) fame does a pretty good turn at playing a Nun...

The high point for me was the fact that the Vampires were mean, ugly and vicious... but some of the humans were far worse.

The real villains of the piece are a large group of Christian Identity/ Ayran Brotherhood types, so caught up in their end times bullshit that they've taken to literally bombarding the 'lock downs' (isolated towns of human refuges) with Vampires to bring about their vision of the apocalypse.

All in all, a good time waster... and like I said, the Vampires don't fucking twinkle, and no teen age girl will want to cuddle up with one of them...

LC >;-}>


Christianity: A disgusting middle eastern blood cult, based in human sacrifice, with sacraments of cannibalism and vampirism, whose highest icon is of a near naked man hanging in torment from a device of torture.

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Vampires and zombies ARE

Vampires and zombies ARE REAL, I saw them in the movies and in a Micheal Jackson video.

Next thing you're going to tell me is that it takes two sets of DNA to make a baby. And FYI, zombies are real, the most famous one existed 2,000 years ago.

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