Good vs Evil, By Brian37

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Good vs Evil, By Brian37

Good vs Evil, By Brian37


Since we mastered fire

And crawled from the caves

We manufactured stories

Of how we survived


Be it nature

Or of those of our kind

That which harmed us

Deeply frightened us


And thus we made

A universal word

We call it evil

In every case


When fortunes we find

And nature was kind

Another word

We invented good


But neither nature

Our our own actions

That which benefit

Or create factions


Nature is not

That of magic

Angry volcanos

Or gods on Olympus


Good and evil

ARE universal

A product of existence

Not of myth


The bacteria

Cannot reason

It will kill you

Like any human


You gain resources

In this life

And falsely attribute it

To a god in the sky


Good and evil

Are not of fiction

Not of stories

Made in the past


They are universal

And need no concoction

When they happen

It is quite obvious




"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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