Poor Little Sweety

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Poor Little Sweety

Blow out your candles
then knock on wood
here's your lucky socks
for Santa be good

Is your tooth under a pillow?
my horoscope looks great!
Bigfoot's been in our garden again
ask The Madam your fate

Aliens took Uncle Tommy
a ghost might be in your room
I found a 4 leaf clover!
a witch musta' stole my broom

Never go under a ladder
and please don't step on a crack
here's a coin for the wishing well
your kitty might be too black

Eat your fortune cookies
my favorite monster was Lerch
put down the voodoo doll Sweety
it's time to go to Church

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Welcome, soloiq



pleased to meet you. Agree with you about the church mythology but I think there might be aliens and my ex-wife proves that witches are definitely real. 

"Experiments are the only means of knowledge at our disposal. The rest is poetry, imagination." Max Planck

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The original Lerch if you

The original Lerch if you please.  He was fan-tas-tic.


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Well, the original Lurch was

Well, the original Lurch was only on star trek once.  Second Lurch was on a bunch of times.


Also, how can kitty possibly be too black?  He is gray with gray stripes.

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