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Have you read his book?
his symbol was a cross
spoke of peace
fed the hungry
tried to be the boss
died of his own free will
lost a bit of blood
had dealings with the Jews
who consider his name Mudd
said to be in prophecy
quite the famous guy
others said he was crazy
why do the innocent die?
most  pictures show
hair upon the face
wanted  people pure
his body left no trace
brought the biggest war
many a last breath
people sent to burn
even after death
planned an earthly kingdom
lasting a thousand years
all must believe and follow
Beware of your peers!
he loved his mother
wasn't a father
you can call him brother
I wouldn't bother
these facts aren't here
just to tease us
they make you think
Hitler is Jesus

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? ?

                               Hitler is Jesus?   That explains a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!   David Koresh,.....................Jim Jones,.....................Tim McVeigh,.....................the knights Templer,.................the Knights hospitaler,...................the Spanish inqusition [ *it's no imposition, we're the Spanish inquisition tah, dah*]  ,................... the crusades,................Ta'i Ping rebellion [20 million dead]  tah, dah!!!!,...............Mother  Teresa  {NO sorry   she was an atheist}!!!                              

                           It is good to be an atheist, I have no place to go after death;    ergo;       I am not going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's cute, I like that.

That's cute, I like that.  Smiling


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If I am reading the poem

If I am reading the poem correctly, it is an indictment of the wholesale of the destructive sale of the utopia of the bible.

What believers fail to see, with all the god/s of Abraham in the major three, that their head characters have everything in common with Hitler.

Yahweh/Allah/Jesus, are absolute rulers who will squash all dissent.

They demand loyalty tests.

They cannot be voted out of office.

They work off the model of threats and bribes, and emotional blackmail,

MIND ALL READING THIS, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOUR RIGHT TO BELIEVE, this is merely an assessment of how these holy books read in regards to the "outsiders" in all these books.

They read like gang manuals with a leader who cannot be ultimately challenged for power. Ultimately we are all outsiders to the other and the respective names of these deities of all three will win, no matter how the outsiders try to bargain or reason with claimed deity.

In civil society the best this god might do is "allow" you to live, but still while he may do so, ultimately has the final say over your life, without your consent.

You have absolutely no say in what happens to you. You get blamed for a life you didn't ask to be born into. You get blamed for the game you didn't set up. You get blamed for belonging to the wrong club and picking the wrong god. You get blamed for the actions of people born long before you. You get blamed no matter what.

The concept of one ruler who cannot be impeached or voted out of office is the epitome of a dictator. I cannot think of a bigger dictator than that of an "all powerful" god who cannot be challenged.

The concept of this cosmic "one ruler" is the most vile mind infection humans have ever invented. It does explain our evolutionary drive to become the alpha male. But it is a deadly placebo that while bringing safety in numbers to the club, has been the biggest source of human division that continues to drive a wedge between members of our species.

While belief in fictional beings may most likely never go away as long as our species exists, we must at a minimum work as a species to not make religion or deities the priority in moving forward.



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