Give me a fucking break, Alabama vs Alburn bullshit.

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Give me a fucking break, Alabama vs Alburn bullshit.

Sometimes I wish some despot nutcase WOULD push the button and take out our entire species. It pisses me off already enough the childish tribalism of politics and religion. But something like sports, when their fans do stupid shit or get into fights over A FUCKING GAME! This shit pisses me off.

Some doushebag poisoned trees used in a tradition of celebration at Alburn after a victory, because they won the National Championship.

This moron called into a radio show admitting to his vandalism and according to him, it was because Alburn fans had blasphemed a famed coach of Alabama.

TO ALL SPORTS FANS, you are fucking adults, I don't care what fucking sport you are a fan of. Trash talk is one thing. Trashing others property or getting into physical fight over this shit is CHILDISH!

I am a Redskins fan. I hate playing Dallas. They get under my skin because they always seem to find a way to beat us. And it is sweet when the Redskins beat Dallas. Even Brian Sapient will admit it was sweet when his Eagles beat the shit out of my Skins and in one quarter scored 35 points.

SO THE FUCK WHAT! It is just a game. It is fun to watch, it is fun to trash talk, but it is not life and death. Someone will win and someone will loose.

If someone called my mother a whore, I have the right to say "fuck you". I also have the right to never talk to them again. What I don't have the right to do is beat the shit out of them because I don't like what they say.


Morons like this make me sad about the state of our species. We'd love to think we aren't like monkeys flinging our shit at each other, then some dip shit vandalizes property he doesn't own because he got his feelings hurt. It's bad enough religion and politics resort to this same sort of tribalism, BUT SPORTS?




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This is a metaphor for

This is a metaphor for religious fanaticism.

But religion is worse, because it's 'rule book' directly orders, and promotes, and condones violence, hatred, bigotry, murder, torture, terrorism.

There's no debate on this.

It's written in black and white, in the rule book.


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