Tax breaks for breast pumps bad, tax funded NFL stadiums good?

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Tax breaks for breast pumps bad, tax funded NFL stadiums good?

Typical of the right wing. The left comes up with a good idea and because they didn't think of it, and cant take credit for it, they shit on it.

Michelle Obama certainly isn't a law maker, but suggested that maybe we should give tax breaks to women who breast feed by giving them a write off for breast pumps. Scientists say that breast feeding helps reduce many risk factors vs bottled milk or formula. Why not?

Right wing nutcase Michele Bonehead poo pood the idea with the same old tired talking point, paraphrasing here "That's always the solution the left wants, have government take care of them"


Oh, but it is ok for rich billionaires to ask for tax breaks they don't need so they hide their profits in a post office box in the Caribbean? And we most certainly will all burn in hell if an NFL owner actually had to pay for his own stadium.


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I think your avatar's face

I think your avatar's face palm says enough.

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 I don't think any person

 I don't think any person or groups of people should get special tax breaks. (go ahead and add that to my list of tax increases I would support in the other thread). When congress can write tax code to the extent where one company can get an exception from taxes it invites corruption. Why would you be surprised that the largest beneficiaries of that corruption would be those who have resources to bribe congressmen? Billionaires, large corporations and unions are going to get the most tax breaks and exceptions from laws like the new Bamacare. 


The only solution is to set up a tax code that has no exceptions. You pay x% period. It doesn't matter if you are buying stadiums or breast pumps or whatever else congress imagines you should be buying. There is no reason those of us who are not living our lives in the manner pre-approved by congress through the tax code should be paying higher taxes because of it. It really is no different than if they said all mothers who don't breast feed have to pay a fine. Why punish mothers because they choose not to breast feed?


Set up a tax system where everyone pays the same percent, no tax breaks, no tax credits or any other bullshit.  


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