Cooper vs. Ellmers

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Ohh I don't know

100percentAtheist wrote:


I am getting tied of this Christian nation, and evil Muslims bs.

When will this end?






                ......maybe the same day Hell freezes over. Oh my zeus what a concept!!!



                The most disturbing thing is that, that stupid bigotted woman doesn't even realize what a fool she made of herself. Nor does she understand that most bible thumping protestents reguard her and other catholics on an equal par with muslims and the anti-christ or devil. In the Carolinas' she's gping to have more problems with being a catholic then any stand she has on muslims.




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 OK, they both need to be


OK, they both need to be ripped a new asshole. To keep this much short, let me just pick the most glaring issue.


Look at the TV commercial and notice that the makeup job has her about as foxed up as the platform allows. Arguably a bit past MILF status but not an old woman by any fair standard.


Now look at the interview makeup job. Still not a disaster by any means but not a job of the same level of quality as before.


Remember that the first job was done specifically to make her look good. Presumably, it was done by whomever she could afford to pay for. However, the second job was done by people who are expert in the matter of putting people on TV. That and they will have the best products on the planet at hand.


So what is up with the deal where when the producer wants her to come off badly, she looks like Nina Hartley with a huge hangover?

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1. Close up vs. Mid shot2.

1. Close up vs. Mid shot

2. she should never have been allowed to dress herself

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Ellmers is a dunce.... no

Ellmers is a dunce.... no doubt... But Anderson Cooper has the interview skills of Terry Shiavo.... No wonder CNN is last in the ratings...


If she wanted to make a direct, contemporary comparison, The Mosque of Granada built in 1993 would have been a more plausible... But she is too bigoted and ignorant to have done any real research...