Looking for volunteer work but I'm curious...

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Looking for volunteer work but I'm curious...


Since I'm currently unemployed, I have been thinking of doing some volunteer work. This could bring some structure to my day, and I might make some contacts. In my area many organizations are also affiliated with religious groups. Should I be careful to avoid them, or does it make a difference as long as I'm doing something productive. I know I wont go to groups that have preaching, or bible studies, but sometimes even secular organizations partner with religious ones.  What do you think?


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Volunteer at your local

Volunteer at your local animal shelter, humane society or ASPCA.  They don't have a religious agenda and will be grateful if all you do is show up and play with the animals for a few minutes.  If you can walk the dogs and/or do some basic obedience training while doing so, that would be great.

If you must work with people instead, how about one of the after school programs?  Reading to children or helping adults who are illiterate.  They are usually not religious.

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Go for it!




               And if someone asks why an atheist cares so much  just tell them you do not need a fairy tale in order to help your fellow man. Also speak up loud and clear if someone asks you to attend a religious function, "I'm an atheist, I don't NEED that!!" In the Toronto area where I live,  there are meny secular charitys to choose  from, so I do not have that problem. But in smaller communitys there are not so meny non-religious options.



               If you are stuck working with a religious thingy, hold your nose in the air and be honest,  not shy. They will try to recruit you to their side just use their words against them;  after all you do not need the fear and guilt supplied by their fairy tale belief  in order to aid your fellow man; I mean "what a bunch of pathetic psychophants they must be to be embarrassed  into helping others,  You just do it because it is a great idea.



               Check out this post for other reasons:








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 Well, I don't know where


Well, I don't know where you are located. I will refer you to a good place though.




There are about 400 locations world wide for them so you might find one in your area. Also, there ought to be no religion at all. Just people who are messed up and need a hand from someone who has their stuff together.


If you find a place near you, tell them that you heard about them from Laurel House in Stamford CT. We are pretty much the schiznit of the group.

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