Divine War Crimson Credulity, By Brian37

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Divine War Crimson Credulity, By Brian37

The splatter

Of grey

Matters of bullets



Would they do the same

If it were Harry Potter

Or Star Wars hero

Luke Skywalker?


Would they impale

The enemy

Over blasphemy

If done in fictional name?


To arms to arms

Defend green eggs and ham

Crush all those to speak ill

Of our Candyland


Disembodied brains

Toil in our thoughts

Claims of super powers

Suffer human loss


Why cant they see

It is merely Dawkin's moth

Our crimson credulity

A catastrophic loss


Emerald weeds

Numbered by four

Are as equal

To claims of Thor


Yet we make no plots

Or policies

We do not kill

Over these absurdities


Please bury Santa

In his blood drenched suit

And his tactic of fear

Blinding all from truth


Finite is ok

It is reality

Nothing to die for

Is our only noble goal




"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Quote:Emerald weedsNumbered


Emerald weeds

Numbered by four

Are as equal

To claims of Thor

Oh I get it... Brian is some fat Irish guy, and he likes four-leaf clovers....

 BTW... does anyone have 700 grand? I need to retire....

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