A little more from Eboni4leigh

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A little more from Eboni4leigh

Unfortunately, as a young person, i.e. a child and adolescent, I was gullible, I believed what people told me, especially adults, I was an emotional person and a romantic, not just in the relationship sense.  I was never taught, or acquired critical thinking skills.  I used to love everyone, and also wanted to be loved.  I met my husband to be at age 17, married at 20, loved him intensely. 

He was the wrong man for me.  Life was bad.  By the time I was seduced by the christian cult IFB, I was 37 with two children, and very vulnerable.  I was looking for answers, love and community.  The answers came in a package, biblical fundamentalism hard core, from genesis to revelation, i.e. from creation through to apocalypse and christ riding on a white horse from heaven to reign on earth. 

Religious addiction.  Yes, an addiction, no different to alcohol, drugs, and many other things, however, I say it is far more damaging.  The more fundamental!  the more damage it causes.  It caused a lot of damage to myself and my children.

My deconversion was painful, however, the truth has set me free.  I am totally liberated, my mind is free, I am free.  My journey these past eleven years has been difficult but truly wonderful.  Once I began to debunk and deprogramme myself, my self education became intense.  It was as if I was not only starting a new life, but starting at the very beginning, totally free from all the shackles.  I had indeed been in bondage since I was 17, a slave to my ex and a slave to the 'heavenly dictator'.

I have devoured knowledge and learning over these past 11 years, and continue to do so.

Just thought I'd touch on why and how I got involved in religion.

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Welcome to the future..I

Welcome to the future..I mean the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear that the process to reason was painful for you, I can only say that you're not the only one to have done it, so don't feel alone.

eboni4leigh wrote:
I have devoured knowledge and learning over these past 11 years, and continue to do so.
That's always a good and liberating thing. I have always been that way.

Continue to breath the fresh air of liberating reason and know that you are not alone in your thoughts. Best wishes on your life's journey and I look forward to seeing you in the discussions.

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Welcome to the forum.In a

Welcome to the forum.

In a way, it really is like starting a new life. You don't think about anything the same way anymore.

Edit: Oh, I already welcomed you in another thread. Well, welcome to the forum again. 

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