More Extinctions!

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More Extinctions!

13 Animals Facing Future Dangers!

[PS: Maybe the scientists at Wildlife Conservation Society conveniently forget that the entire planet is endangered ALWAYS! Silly of them!]

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I am a spammer.


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Silly of you, maybe it's

Silly of you, maybe it's because our lack of innovating and policies make them endangered, ever thought of that?

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 Umm, KC, you should know

 Umm, KC, you should know that Julio has started several threads to advocate wiping the planet clean of any life form he considers to be an inconvenience.  Including apex predators and major insect populations.  


Um yah, I believe that will work out really well for the ecology of his home country (which BTW has a huge problem with a major overpopulation of elephants and not only no plan but an active policy to keep them breeding).


Yay, for rational thought.

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julio starts threads about

julio starts threads about everything--how great it is that various animals are becoming extinct, whether or not we would eat hamburgers without buns or condiments, who are the beatles, etc.  in fact, all julio ever does is start threads.  i've never seen him contribute to anyone else's.  he just takes a ridiculous position and doggedly sticks to it, but the position is usually on such a nonissue that no one can figure out why he cares enough to argue it.  he's obviously nothing more than a shit-disturber.   

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