Oil, Gas Companies Backing Effort to Block U.S. EPA

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Oil, Gas Companies Backing Effort to Block U.S. EPA

Oil, Gas Companies Backing Effort to Block U.S. EPA



The head of the American Petroleum Institute, the largest U.S. oil and gas industry trade group, is pushing a proposal in Congress to block the Environmental Protection Agency from capping carbon dioxide emissions.






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Idiots! Well intentioned,

Idiots! Well intentioned, uninformed idiots!

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KillerCroc wrote:Idiots!

KillerCroc wrote:

Idiots! Well intentioned, uninformed idiots!


Yep, that about sums up the whole green movement.

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 Quote:“We can clean


“We can clean the environment, grow the economy and generate next generation pollution control technologies that we can sell across the globe,” Mendelson said in an interview.


OK, is he just saying that or does he have a proposal for how to go about it?  Seriously, if he has a proposal, then it should not be rejected out of hand.  If he really thinks that he can pull that off, then we should look over the idea(s) and consider what response they deserve.  If they are batshit crazy, then we reject them.


Come on!  Waiting a few more decades on this doesn't sound like all that smart of an idea but if he has something ready to go on the table, then six months of study work is hardly a make or break deal.


And yes, I am well aware that old thread is old.


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