Moon landing hoaxers

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Moon landing hoaxers

Well, this one has always bugged me.  Yes, we did go to the moon.


In fact, I just had to field that one on Aardvark and I thought that I would post my reply here:




The short answer is that no, in twas not a hoax. Actually, there are a good number of web sites that show why the idea of a hoax is just flat out wrong. One of the better reasons for holding that it was real would be to look at the history of the US space program.


Each launch prior to going to the moon was a learning experience for NASA. For example, there were 20 project Mercury flights (only 6 were manned launches) each one intended to learn a little bit more than we previously known. Of the 6 manned launches, the first two did not even go into orbit and only the last was in space for slightly more than a full 24 hour day.


For project Gemini, we have 2 unmanned flights and 10 manned ones. During that time, NASA studied things like how to do space walks, how to rendezvous and dock with other space craft and if it was possible to keep astronauts in space for several days (Gemini 7 made it almost two week in space).


For project Apollo, we studied more complicated aspect of space flight up to and eventually how to land on the moon and return safely.


Now if you are thinking in terms of a possible hoax, one question to ponder is at what point NASA would have began the hoax. As far as I know, none of the hoax advocates has ever suggested when the last manned flight was, they are content to just say that they stopped at some point. Well pardon me but if they know so much about the space program, then why don't they know when it ended?


Add to that that NASA is a big place with many thousands of people scattered all over the country. With that many people involved, don't you think that someone on the inside would have spilled the truth by now?

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 I have a friend that brought this up, believing it was faked.


I just stared at him with a smirk. He was like "....what?...WHAT?" and then I laughed.


I now bring it up every now and then to tease him.



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I also have a friend that

I also have a friend that thinks it was a hoax..... then again he also believes that the US government was the mastermind behind 9/11. Did I mention he also buys into all that illuminati stuff? At this point i was afraid to bring up anymore conspirasy subjects... 

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I remember seeing a

I remember seeing a programme in my youth that did a remarkable job of convincingly postulating that it was a hoax. It took me three days (pre-internet, mind you) to assemble evidence enough to prove the only hoax was the claim of a hoax. Since then, I scratch my head at people who suggest it. I wonder if people will continue with this absurdity when we have a colony there, and can look up and see it with the naked eye during a new moon phase. At this point, it would take a higher level of technology to fake it than it would to do it.

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Gene, as our token fiscally

Gene, as our token fiscally conservative atheist, there is lots I could take you to task for, but as far as bleeding into their tent, at least there is someone trying to bring reason on the issue of crackpottery, I have to agree.

The same crap that causes people to buy claims of beings with no body floating out in the cosmos everywhere and nowhere at the same time, is the same crap that causes people to buy this crap.

We went to the moon. PERIOD! The earth rotates around the sun, and beings with no body are nothing but the product of imagination.

I only hope the credulity of our species doesn't cause a world war that wipes us out before I die of old age.

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Another conspiracy

Another conspiracy theory...sigh.

Um, we left mirrors on the moon. Scientists bounced lasers off of them to check Einstein's theory of gravity.

Also, um, we still have rocks that astronauts brought back from the moon. You can see them in museums.

Edit: Thousands of scientists in dozens of countries have examined the rocks and verified that they are not from the Earth. I guess all the scientists are in on it, even though they have nothing to gain, just like all the biologists are lying about evolution, and all the physicists are lying about the Big Bang.

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