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'Irrelativism' is my new pet name for relativism. I wrote this in response to an email I received:

I'm really bothered by relativism, in its rejection of truth and knowledge. It tries to reduce conflict by snipping everyone's balls off, so no one can say anything at all of any relevance. Relativism turns intelligent people's minds to mush.

I just like the juxtaposition of irrelevant and relativism.

If you like this word, you may also like my coinage of an insult for post-modernists: pomotard

As in, "Knowledge exists, you irrelativist pomotard!"

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You actually get

You actually get semi-intelligent emails? All I get is a bunch of curses and all caps. Sad

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Making up new words is

Making up new words is fun,  but I think it will just add to the confusion.

Most people dont even know the meaning of the words they are using now

I do like "unapologetic atheist"


People who think there is something they refer to as god don't ask enough questions.