Christians in Italy cry foul because they cant use public schools for indoctrination.

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Christians in Italy cry foul because they cant use public schools for indoctrination.

The EU has ruled that crosses in public schools violate the freedom of religion of others. Dipshit crybaby Christians cry foul not understanding the importance of keeping religion out of government. They, like many right wingers in America claim it violates their freedom of religion and MISS THE POINT.

I doubt anywhere that the EU said that Christian churches should be burned to the ground. I doubt they said the Chrisitian religion should be outlawed. WHAT THEY SAID, and were taking a page out of Jefferson's wall, is that it should not be the role of government to tell, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN, what god they should believe in. This protects the rights of the parents of other sects of Christianity, being that Italy is a majority Catholic, but it also protects other religions such as Jews, Muslims and atheists who sit besides these Catholics in public schools. The rights of the majority do not trump the rights of the minority.

Freedom of religion IS NOT an entitlement to a monopoly of power. If people want to live in a country that plays favorites to religion Iran and Saudi Arabia do that. No Christian, or atheist would want to live in those countries.

Is that what they want to be like? They want Christian indoctrination camps like Islamic countries do with their government sponsorship of religion?

THE EU, has not , nor should any westernized government, lose sight of pluralism. What they did was create a neutral setting in public classrooms which are CLASSROOMS, not churches. You don't play hockey on a basketball court and a school is not a church.

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look while I don't think

look while I don't think children at school are harmed by crosses in schools it seems to me a fair ruling.

this seems a little alarmist and wel a blatant lie

Another minister noted that preventing the crucifix from being displayed is “an act of violence against the deep-seated feelings of the Italian people and all persons of goodwill.”

bold is mine, violence my be puting it a little strong.


Now if there is actuall indoctrination in the schools that may be a better thing to aim at but crosses in class rooms to me do not shout indoctrination in schools. Just a little bias on the schools part which is fine for religious schools like those christian and muslim schools you find, but government schools it is not fine.

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