Somer Thomson, another save by God's all watching eye.

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Somer Thomson, another save by God's all watching eye.

And yet out of all the cruelty in the world, even inmates in prison would find it horrific if you stood by and watched a child harmed, AND COULD STOP IT.

I'm not talking bout duress where someone has a gun to your head or fear for your own life, I'm talking about having absolute ammo that could squash such a piece of scum AND FAILURE TO USE IT!

Another kid has been murdered under the all seeing eye of an all powerful, all loving god who could have stepped in, but couldn't, or didn't want to.

MIND YOU, I don't believe in such a being. This unfortunate girl was a victim of a sicko. She wasn't a pawn in the fictional "sin" game where a super hero and super villain manipulated the neurons in the perps head.

I am simply arguing from a claim standpoint, that you cannot square an all powerful and all loving god sitting by and watching this happen time after time selectively getting involved. WHAT DID THIS KID DO OTHER THAN BE BORN?

This kid did nothing, neither did any other kid who was murdered or starved to death or died from disease. Crime against children IS NATURAL, WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS WANTING IT TO HAPPEN.

Crime is natural, just like cancer is natural, just like aids is natural, just like tornados are natural. None of us would want these events affecting us, but they do, just like the natural event of death of old age affects all of us. But assigning good and bad to comic book super heros fighting against each other, is absurd and does nothing to further the science of observation to catch these sickos.

Somer Thomson is dead for the same reason Adam Walsh is dead. Some sick asshole with scrambled brains lacked the basic evolutionary trait most of us have for protection of the young.

There is no magic to this horrible event. When this person is caught it will be because of police work, not prayer.


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It's just part of his/her

It's just part of his/her great big plan which we can't comprehend....